The LARM2, Laboratory of Robot Mechatronics has been established since 2019 as a renew of a lab moved from 3-decade activities in Cassino University with the leadership of Prof. Marco Ceccarelli. The structure and activities of LARM2 can be rather considered as distributed in several locations in Italy and abroad as per the collaborations which is based on. The headquarter of LARM2 is at the Department of Industrial Engineering of Rome University Torvergata, whereas a unit is at the University of Calabria with Prof. Giuseppe Carbone as local director. International sections can be considered the laboratories and team units with or without official agreements for joint frames as listed in the webpage for existing collaborations. The main labs with jointed activity are: • BAICIRS at BIT Beijing Institute of Technology in Beijing, China (director Prof Qiang Huang) web page: • AUPET laboratory of Intelligent Systems in Almaty, Kazhakahstan (director Prof. Gani Balbayev) web page: Activities are mainly focused on teaching/formation and research in topics related to Robotics and Mechatronics from mechanical engineering viewpoints referring to theory, design, practice and technological transfer. In particular, the activities are directed and available for collaborations in industrial and professional activity with the purpose to study, to plan, and to improve mechanical systems, with traditional and innovative designs. The development of theses on subjects and prototypes for innovation is orientated to form engineers, who will be capable to solve new problems but still with interest on traditional techniques of Mechanical Engineering. Update: 20 July 2019.